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About us

Located in Hefei city , China. Popchem is a professional biological high-tech enterprise specializing in the process of development and manufacturing of peptides.We are dedicated to offering custom peptide synthesis and cGMP manufacturing as well as catalog products for customers in industry and research area.

PopChem has many years of experience in solid phase peptide synthesis. We can offer a wide range of different purity , length and special modified peptides to meet customers’ different research according to their requests.

PopChem specializes in peptides, especially in the cyclic peptide (Cyclicpeptide), composite antigen peptide (MAPs), isotope labeling Peptides (15N,13C), methylation peptide (Methyl - peptide), sulfonated peptide (Sulfication - peptide), phosphorylated peptide (Phosphopeptides), Fluorescent labeled Peptides (Fluorescent Labeled Peptides), BIOTIN labeling Peptides (BIOTIN) and the Modification of small peptides (Modification Peptides), etc.

Popchem is staffed by scientific teams with experts in the field of peptide technology, and synthetic chemistry. Established by Marketing,R&D Dept. Production,QA,Finance,Personnel,Administration and other departments, each process strictly controlled from raw material procurement, production to final product testing.

Our extensive expertise is translated into high quality products and world-class services to ensure the maximum satisfaction of the customers.

Popchem Co.,LTD

Address: Industrial Park, No. 600 Fuyang North Road,Luyang District, Hefei.

Zip-code: 230041



Tel: 13739293202

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