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Custom Peptides Synthesis:

PopChem has many years of experience in solid phase peptide synthesis. We can offer a wide range of different purity , length and special modified peptides to meet customers’ different research according to their requests .PopChem specializes in peptides, especially in the cyclic peptide (Cyclicpeptide), composite antigen peptide (MAPs), isotope labeling Peptides (15N,13C), methylation peptide (Methyl - peptide), sulfonated peptide (Sulfication - peptide), phosphorylated peptide (Phosphopeptides), Fluorescent labeled Peptides (Fluorescent Labeled Peptides), BIOTIN labeling Peptides (BIOTIN) and the Modification of small peptides (Modification Peptides), etc.

PopChem has a group of experienced organic synthesis research and development personnel, specializing in the research of special modified peptides chemical synthesis method.


Linear peptides synthesis:

From small scale (mgs) to large scale(kgs)

Peptides length up to 101 amino acids

Different purity level (crude,desalted, >75%、>80%、>85%、>90%、>95%、>98%、99%)

Varieties modifications

1.Simple modified peptides: N-term:Acetylation and C-term:Amidation for free!

2.Cyclicpeptides:Amidecyclic (Sidechain,end),Double Disulfied bridges,Three Disulfied bridges and so on.

3.Composite antigen peptide (MAPs):2 branched peptides,4 branched peptides,8 branched peptides,16 branched peptides,etc.

4.Isotope labeling Peptides (15N,13C):offering Ala(15N,13C)、Arg(15N,13C)、Ile(15N,13C)、Leu(15N,13C)、Phe(15N,13C)、Lys(15N,13C)、Val(15N,13C)these labeling peptides.

5.Methyl-peptide:Lys(Me)、 Lys(Me)2、 Lys(Me)3、Tyr(Me)、Thr(Me)、Ser(Me)、D-2-Me-Trp、Arg(Me)2 、Arg(Me)2 symmetrical、Arg(Me)2 asymmetrical、N-Me-Arg、N-Me-Ala、N-Me-Asp、N-Me-Glu、N-Me-Met、N-Me-Leu、N-Me-Ile、N-Me-Val、N-Me-Nle、N-Me-Nva、N-Me-Phe、N-Me-Ser、N-Me-Trp、N-Me-Thr、N-Me-Val、N-Me-Gly、N-Me-Tyr.etc.



8.Fluorescent Labeled Peptides:FITC、Lys(FITC)、5-FAM、Lys(5-FAM)、5-TAMRA、Lys(5-TAMRA)、Cy3、 Cy5、Cy5.5、Cy7、Rhodamine 110、Rhodamine B、AFC, AMC、pNA,etc.


10.Protein Conjugation:BSA、KLH、OVA.

11.Special amino acids:D-amino acids、Cit、Aib、Abu、Ahx、Orn、Pyr、Nle、Pra、Sar,etc.

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